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Jamaican Boogie - Calypso - Mento




The Uppertones is a powerful trio of trombone, vocals, piano, & drums leaded by the great

Mr.T-Bone and dedicated to the sound of the 50's, Swing, Boogie & Calypso.

Elegance, style and Groove are their forte, this band played hundreds of shows all around Europe in between festivals, clubs and many private parties for such clients as Venice Simplon - Orient Express, Benetti Yacht, Tod's, Belmond, Fendi and many others. 

Their show is an enthusiastic journey into the sound of Jamaica of the 50's mixed with the italian/american dream and the wonderful world of the "Rat Pack" (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.).

The italian flavour is added to each song and many iconic italian tunes are on the menu, as well

as some original tunes and the sound of New Orleans influenced by the great Louis Prima and Lou Jordan.

Elegance, style and Groove, this is The Uppertones!


Mr.T-Bone - Lead Vocals and Trombone

Phil Cuomo - Piano and Vocals

Count Ferdi - Drums and Vocals

The Band

ancora about


Count Ferdi

Phil Cuomo


Closer to the bone (2015)

Up Up Up! (2018)

Easy snapping (2020)


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